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Our History, Our Cousine, Our Osteria


Thirty Year of Passion

The origins of our current restaurant date back to 1985 when the idea was conceived to open a local Irish pub serving the community. Rossana and Americo Lupo who along with John and Maria gave birth to the pub known as ‘New York Express’.The pub quickly became famous both locally and throughout the province of Frosinone, becoming a favourite destination for generations young and old.
The New York Express pub became the heart of Broccostella, where people would spend a pleasant evening with friends over a glass of quality local beer, sandwiches and so many other tantalising specialties. As always, we entertained our guests with a combination of karaoke, cabaret and live music late into the nights. In time all things change and in this case, our local pub underwent changes of its own. We understood from our customers that there was a demand for good quality and locally sourced food at a reasonable price. The result was the evolution of New York Express Pub into Osteria New York. The original site in Broccostella in the Province of Frosinone was retained and redeveloped in order to meet the changing needs of the community.
Today Osteria New York continues to focus upon the values of the original idea back in 1985 which is to serve the community. Our kitchen still retains the quality and essence of a traditional Italian kitchen, one that might remind you of your own parents or grandparents.
Our goal is to provide fresh and high quality locally sourced seasonal ingredients to produce only the finest menu.Our trained chef Maria has the ability to refine traditional dishes and adapt to add a modern twist. However, the emphasis remains focused upon dishes with simplicity and an abundance of flavour prepared with Italian passion and professionalism.

Our Cousine

Tipical and Innovative

The pursuit of quality is our inspiration and the reason driving us every day to choose the best ingredients in the preparation of our dishes.
Our Objectives: Good quality seasonal food and a wide drinks selection at affordable prices. All of our products are carefully selected, varied to suit the seasons and we strive to source within a 20km radius to demonstrate the local cuisine at its best.
Our Flavours: Our dishes are the result of a careful harmonisation between the ingredients and preparation in order to preserve and enhance the rich flavours. Our Recipes: Our Head Chef Maria (Union Italian Federation of Chefs and Cooks Ciociari) is dedicated to experimentation whilst keeping in mind the ancient tradition and respect for the gastronomic roots of Ciociaria therefore creating a mix of tradition and innovation.
Our Customers: The most important aspect of Osteria New York is our customers and we strive to produce consistently excellent food. We are rewarded for our efforts with customers returning time and again, so much so that many we now know as friends. The spirit of the original pub remains alive within our Osteria to this day.

Our Osteria

Heart and Passion

The restaurant is located in the centre of Broccostella, just 3 km from the main road to Sora, on the Sora-Atina highway and we have car parking facilities. Inside you will find a recently renovated restaurant with two dining rooms, where you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere. Osteria New York is suitable for a delicious lunch or dinner with friends or even events, festivals, ceremonies and business lunches. At Osteria New York you will find an attentive welcome by Gianni and his staff. We are happy to explain our dishes and assist in recommending particular specialities to suit all tastes. If you have a particular preference then our chefs will try and accommodate your request.
Just like back in 1985 we still regularly have karaoke and cabaret evenings so please feel free to ask.
We hope that you will enjoy our Osteria and the feeling of warmth and comfort such as you would find in your own home. We are waiting to introduce you to new sensations and emotions at the dining table through our simple culinary art created by Giannis wife and Head Chef Maria.