About us

Our history

Back in 1985, Rossana and Americo founded the “New York Express”, one of the first Pubs in the province of Frosinone. In a short time, it became a famous place throughout the territory, offering what was then a new type of restaurant.

The constant search for modernity, novelty and the alternative have always characterized the spirit of the place and in accordance with these principles, generations also alternated.

Therefore the management passed to Gianni and Maria, who continued to offer an experience that was always unique and in step with the times, offering evenings with live music, cabaret and karaoke.

osteria staff

Our vision

Thus, always with the aim of offering a unique and innovative service, the venue has evolved into today's "Osteria New York".

osteria entrance

Since, in today's anonymous world isolated from social networks, we want to re-establish a genuine and sincere relationship with our guests, welcoming them in a familiar and informal environment, where it is possible to relate in serenity.

With the intention of creating a place open to all age groups and that reflects the goal of our vision, that is, "the pleasure of meeting".

Our awards

In July 2016, the Osteria New York in Broccostella (FR) received the important recognition conferred by the Aspiin Company and the Frosinone Chamber of Commerce, the "Italian Hospitality" brand for the Quality and Qualification of the Made in Italy Supply Chains.

italian hospitality prize

Finally, our cuisine and the creativity of our lady Chef Maria have been awarded by our customers with overall score of 4.5 out of 5!

tripadvisor 4,5